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To view which boards have approved this episode of CEUcast for continuing education, click on the section "Board Approval". In that section you will find PDF files showing continuing education approval from the various Oklahoma boards.You will be able to download these files for your own records at the last section of this course (labeled "You are done..")

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To earn continuing education credit for a CEUcast episode:

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Show Notes and Links

Books, websites, or other outside references mentioned in the show can be found in this section.

Is this a CEU or a CE?

There is currently some confusion in the field reguarding the term "Continuing Education Unit" (CEU) and "Continuing Education" (CE). In our area of the country the common vernacular refers to one hour of continuing education to be "1 CEU". You will notice throughout our site we choose to use the terms interchangably. For our purposes "1 CEU" or "1 CE" both mean one hour of continuing education credit.


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